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White Smoke 1958
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The Real Explanation for the Crisis in the Catholic Church since Vatican II

"The Church will be in eclipse; the world will be in dismay." Our Lady of LaSalette, 1846

"The Holy Father will have much to suffer." Our Lady of Fatima, 1917

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Audio Interviews "The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation."
At http://www.isoc.ws/interviewarchives/  - Scroll down until you see "Exploring the Siri Thesis and the Eclipse of the Church" Parts I, II, and III -- These interviews (about 75 minutes each) are  #7, #8, and #9 under the "Jim Condit Jr." section. CDs are $11 for each interview (includes shipping), or the mp3 audio for each interview is available for immediate download for $5 each. The Director of isoc.ws has given this website permission to put these interviews up for free download, and on youtube, as soon as we can get it done.

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For introductory comments for this website regarding
the real cause of the current crisis in the Church, please click here:


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Why the White Smoke of October 26, 1958
 Matters 50+ Years Later

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Guide to the items on this Home Page
Scrolling down the home page after this introduction section, you will find:

-  Section I: the Five Key Articles on the crisis in the Church;

- Section II: supporting documentation which may form key pieces of the puzzle; and

- Section III: Articles proving that the "Vatican II Popes" cannot be true Popes because of their official actions, and an article answering some objections.


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Section I
The Five Key Articles

Crises in the Catholic Church -- 1958 to Present

Here are the most important articles you should read if you are interested in this subject. I have listed the articles in the order that I suggest they might be read.

Scripture Scholars,
Ancient and Modern


Warnings from Heaven Suppressed


The Popes and the Dove


Comments on the Eclipse of the Church
and the White Smoke of October 26, 1958


An Ominous Anniversary -- October 26, 2008
See Update Immediately Below: "Grave Reasons of State"


Grave Reasons of State
(a 2015 update of "An Ominous Anniversay", full color brochure published
 by Chiesa Viva magazine, founded by the late Fr. Villa.) 


Scroll down to Section III for another article by Mr. Gary Giuffre, "The Pastoral Council"

The official website for Mr. Gary Giuffre, the author of the above five articles, is: www.october1958.com

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Section II
Other Articles, videos, and audios
of interest in the "Siri Investigation"

In the second section are other articles and links of interest on this subject of the Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church since 1958.

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The Video on YouTube:
Papal Imposters

There are 12 parts to this video, here is part 1:


There are a few errors in this overall excellent video, and a few other aspects of the video which suggest a bit of commentary.

- For instance, in part 1, a picture of Pope Benedict XVI (1914-1922) is shown when Cardinal Rampolla is referred to in reference to the 1903 Papal Conclave.

- Cardinal Rampolla was on the rise in that Conclave to be elected Pope in the early balloting, but he never received enough votes to be elected (contrary to what the video says, probably repeating the error in Malachi Martin's book, "Keys of this Blood"). Cardinal Rampolla's rise in the balloting was stopped when the Cardinal from Austria stood to announce that Catholic Emperor Franz Joseph Hapsburg wished to assert a veto to the election of Cardinal Rampolla as Pope. This "veto" privilege of a Catholic Monarch was a longstanding, time honored tradition. The proposed "veto" of a Catholic Monarch was always respected, but was not absolutely binding on the Conclave. However, in this case, once Rampolla's rise was stopped by Franz Joseph's veto, Cardinal Joseph Sarto was elected, choosing the name Pope Pius X, and later becoming St. Pius X.

- Also, while it is not an error on the part of the producers of the documentary, the sources quoted in Part IV of "Papal Imposters" give a woefully inadequate explanation, in this writer's opinion, of why Siri was shoved aside AFTER being canonically elected Pope on October 26, 1958. (Also, in this matter the video is also repeating what is already in writing in many sources.)

- Part IV of Papal Imposters has amazing historical footage of Cardinal Siri walking into the 1958 conclave, and of the white smoke which billowed from the Sistine Chapel chimney on October 26, 1958 -- after which no Pope emerged on that day. (The footage of the white smoke produced in Part IV came from a French Television Station.)

- Part IV cites Dr. Paul Williams regarding the US intel documents quoted in his book, "The Vatican  Exposed", which state that the French Cardinals nullified Siri's election on October 26, 1958. But this is only a shadow of the truth, in this writer's opinion.

The real explanation, we believe, is essentially contained in the article by Mr. Giuffre linked above in Section I, "An Ominous Anniversary." In that article, Mr. Giuffre produces very strong circumstantial evidence that Siri, after being canonically elected as Pope Gregory XVII on October 26, 1958, was asked by the other cardinals to step aside due to a nuclear threat delivered to the Cardinals assembled in the 1958 conclave.

The threat, according to relative of the Swiss Guard Marshal inside that Conclave, Paul Scortesco, was delivered by the top freemasonic organization, the B'nai B'rith (the Jewish-controlled top branch of Freemasonry), to the Cardinals assembled in the 1958 conclave on behalf of the also Jewish-controlled, Communist leaders in Moscow, Russia.

The nature of the threat was that the Vatican would be destroyed by an "accidental" nuclear bomb attack within the hour if Siri did not step aside. Two canon laws from the 1917 code of canon law state that any proceedings after threats enter a Papal Conclave from any outside source -- are NULL AND VOID. A second source: in his book published circa 1990, "Keys of this Blood", on pages 600-610, author Malachi Martin suggested that these threats concerned "the very existence of the Vatican State." What else could this be but a sudden nuclear attack?

Martin actually states that this threat was involved in the 1963 conclave where Montini was "elected" Paul VI. He calls this threat "the little brutality". It is our opinion that the conclave of 1958 was subjected to the BIG brutality, for that was the year that the forces of darkness usurped the Chair of Peter and the Vatican. 1958 was the scene of the crime.

***** Aside on the double agent, Malachi Martin, ordained Fr. Malachi Martin in 1954. Martin stated explicitly to a number of people known to this writer that he was in the 1963 Conclave as an assistant to Cardinal Bea, and, based on his biography, this writer also believes that Martin was in the 1958 Conclave as an assistant to Cardinal Bea -- and, therefore, saw everything.

Along these lines, Part IV of the video on YouTube, "Papal Imposters", also plays an audio from an interview with world famous author, Malachi Martin (who requested to be laicized sometime after Vatican II), where Martin maintains that Siri got the necessary votes to become Pope, but refused. We find Martin's explanation preposterous that Siri refused his election because of fear his family would be hurt or that he would be killed. This strong possibility faces almost every Pope and almost every heard of state in the world, in every age. 

In our opinion, Martin, exposed as a double agent going back to the Look Magazine article published in January, 1966, "How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking" -- is simply lying about Siri refusing the votes -- because the five minutes of white smoke on October 26, 1958 could not have happened without a Cardinal being elected, having accepted, and having chosen a name.

In the Look Magazine article in 1966, Malachi Martin is referred to as Fr. Timothy O'Boyle-Fitzharris S.J., which the Look Magazine article states outright is a pseudonym. The Look article further says that O'Boyle-Fitzharris (i.e., Malachi Martin) was the double agent that went between the wirepullers of Vatican Council II and the B'nai B'rith in New York City during the Second Vatican Council, in order to facilitate the "changing of Catholic thinking" in the documents of Vatican Council II. The Look Magazine article, in addition, declares that "O'Boyle Fitzharris, S.J." also wrote under the pen name, "Michael Serafian." Malachi Martin himself confirmed in his own books that he wrote his first book, "The Pilgrim", under the pseudonym "Michael Serafian." Case closed. See opening pages of, for instance, "Keys of this Blook", where Martin lists all the books he has written. (End of aside on Malachi Martin.) *****

Therefore, it is also our opinion that the explanation of the French Cardinals "annulling" Siri's election - is simply a euphemism for the full story of what really happened. While the French Cardinals, led by Cardinal Tisserant (who was Dean of the College of Cardinals, and therefore presided over the proceedings of the 1958 conclave) did indeed play a key part in convincing Siri to step aside after his election via deceit and cajoling, this was not the whole story. The real explanation, to repeat, was the nuclear threats delivered to Siri and the assembled Cardinals in the 1958 conclave -- right after Siri accepted his election and chose the name of Gregory XVII, combined with the desire of the top wirepullers of Freemasonry to make sure that a true Pope was elected and then shoved aside, so that a clearly uncanonically-elected antipope could afterwards "be elected" and then usurp the Chair of Peter.

As Mr. Giuffre has explained elsewhere, the top Freemasons were repeatedly disappointed when Cardinals whom they perceived as Liberals became strong Catholic Popes after putting on the Papal Tiara and receiving the special assistance of the Holy Ghost promised to true Popes. Here is a list of Popes whom the Freemasons expected to be malleable and accommodating liberals, but turned out to be the opposite: Pope Pius IX (1846-1878), Pope Leo XIII (1873-1903), Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922), Pope Pius XI (1922-1939), and Pope Pius XII (1939-1958).

Therefore, Mr. Giuffre ingeniously surmised that the Freemasons, recognizing the power of the Holy Ghost (as we recognize the power of the devil, as in a demonic possession), realized that they had to get a true Pope elected, and then shove him aside, and replace him with an antipope. Why? Because the antipope would not have the special assistance of the Holy Ghost, and therefore would be no obstacle to the demolition operation these agents of Satan had planned for the Church. If you ponder this important insight, it explains the rationale for why the top Freemasons wanted to have a true Pope elected and then shove him aside, to be replaced by a clearly UNCANONICALLY elected antipope. In fact, we have seen that the demolition operation of the counterfeit church has proceeded unabated from 1958 until the present. It also would explain why the top Freemasons would want to keep the true Pope alive as long as possible, under their control in an agonizing, sophisticated captivity -- while the antipopes presided over the attempted destruction of the true Church from inside the Vatican. (In fact, all the Vatican II antipopes have proven to be enthusiastic aiders and abettors to the demolition operation against the Church, with the exception of John Paul I, who seemed to be an Italian dupe - a story too long to go into here.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

- A number of interesting items concerning the ongoing investigation into the 1958 Conclave and Joseph Cardinal Siri can be found here:


Be sure to check out at the above link:

- the Prophecy by St. Francis of Assisi about an "uncanonically elected pope" who would "cause a great schism" that would threaten the salvation of souls worldwide

- Former FBI consultant, Paul Williams, published in his 2003 book, "The Vatican Exposed", that the US government declassified intel documents which revealed that the US government knew at the time that in the 1958 conclave Cardinal Siri was elected Pope Gregory XVII on October 26, 1958, two days before Cardinal Roncalli emerged as "Pope John XXIII."

-- The (circa 2004) testimony of Fr. Charles-Roux about the irregularities of the 1958 Conclave. This testimony was given to, and published by, the very pro-Vatican II magazine, Inside the Vatican.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

The Pope: Could He Be Cardinal Siri?
This article by French Journalist Hubert Remy appeared in 1986. It was this article which sparked Mr. Gary Giuffre's intensive investigation into the 1958 Papal Conclave, Cardinal Siri, and the Crisis in the Church. (Mr. Giuffre had surmised since at least around 1972 that a true Pope must be somewhere in exile, so he was already looking for answers long before he saw this article.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

- In 2005, for the first time in 47 years, those occupying the Vatican raised the issue of the legitimacy of John XXIII's election at the 1958 conclave. This was done on September 3, 2005 when a top Vatican prelate told the Italian daily, La Stampa, that the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) would be required, as a condition for reconciliation, to explicitly recognize the legitimacy of the five conclaves since the death of Pope Pius XII (October 9, 1958).

This announced "condition" means that those occupying the Vatican want an explicit recognition from some faction of the perceived Catholic resistance that John XXIII (Roncalli) was the legitimately elected Pope at the 1958 conclave.

Why would the powers-that-be in the 2005 Vatican bring up the legitimacy of John XXIII's election at the 1958 conclave? -- 47 years later??  Here's why: because of a rising opinion among many Catholics that John XXIII was an irregularly elected antipope, placed on the Papal throne as a usurper two days after the true Pope had been rightfully elected, as explained in the above article. And why is this startling opinion in ascendancy amongst informed and concerned Catholics? This opinion is spreading because no alert person can any longer deny that the ongoing demolition operation against the Catholic Faith which began in 1958 is still continuing before our eyes.  Furthermore, this demolition operation has and is being waged against the Catholic Faith from within the very structures of the Church by those occupying the highest positions in the Vatican.

Curiously, an extremely well connected magazine, Inside the Vatican, which gave Benedict XVI-Ratzinger its 2005 "Man of the Year" award in January, 2006, published a report in its February 2006 issue that the leading faction of those who challenge the published results of the 1958 conclave, the supporters of the "Siri Thesis", have "perhaps thousands of adherents around the world" and "has adherents in virtually every country on earth." Undoubtedly, this is causing concern among those occupying the current Vatican. This is the only possible explanation why the issue of the legitimacy of John XXIII's election in 1958 would be acknowledged by a Vatican spokesman, 47 years later.

An article reporting on the above referenced La Stampa story was published in the London Tablet and can be read here (see fourth paragraph):


- - - - - - - - - -

- On another front, with regard to the ongoing investigation into the 1958 conclave, a question has been raised about an incident involving a certain Msgr. Santoro. This incident was referred to in a newspaper article by the late Italian reporter, Silvio Negro, which appeared on October 27, 1958 (one day after the white smoke controversy analyzed in the above article). For several years a number of translators of the Negro article had believed that the Santoro incident happened in 1958. It is important to note that there is still some unresolved ambiguity regarding the wording of Negro's article. Attempts to resolve this ambiguity are still in progress. However, in light of new research, it now seems certain that this Msgr. Santoro was in the 1939 conclave, and not in the 1958 conclave. A number of websites, including this one, followed the lead of the original translators and stated the Santoro incident was yet another indication that someone had been elected Pope on October 26, 1958 (two days before John XXIII appeared on the Papal balcony). Since it now seems certain that the Santoro incident occurred in the 1939 conclave, we have removed it from our commentary to the above article ("Comments on the Eclipse of the Church . . .") by Mr. Giuffr (it had only been up for a few weeks). The Santoro incident had never been published in a book or on the web by Mr. Giuffr, and it was never a lynchpin of the "Siri Thesis" or the investigation into the 1958 conclave.

Please go here for the original article by Silvio Negro which appeared on October 27, 1958 in Italy, as well as a clarification on the Santoro incident which is found near the bottom of this linked page:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following is called the "Worthy Shepherd Prophecy", with my commentary:

The Worthy Shepherd Prophecy


La Profezia Degno Pastore (The Worthy Shepherd Prophecy)
By Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno, 14th Century --

First read the prophecy straight through without commentary, and then below you can read the prophecy again, interspersed with my comments in maroon print.

Begin Prophecy:

One from beyond the mountains shall become the Vicar Of God. Religious and clerics shall take part in this change.

Outside the true path, there will be only disreputable men; I shrug my shoulders when the Bark of Peter is in danger and there is no one to lend it help . . . The schismatic shall fall into the scorn of the Italian faithful . . .

By about twelve years shall the millennium have passed [2012 A.D.] when the resplendent mantle of legitimate power shall emerge from the shadows where it was being kept by the schism, and beyond harm from the one who is blocking the door of salvation, for his deceitful schism shall have come to an end. And the mass of the faithful shall attach itself to the worthy Shepherd, who shall extricate each one from error and restore to the Church its beauty. He shall renew it."

(End of Prophecy of *Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno, Profezie, 14th Century)

Note: The [2012 AD] was added by the person who sent me this, but it appears to be justified, with the proviso that we may be off a few years due to calendar adjustments in the last 2000 years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

(The Prophecy from Blessed Tomasuccio is repeated below in black print and in bold, my comments are in maroon print and in normal type)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

La Profezia Degno Pastore (The Worthy Shepherd Prophecy)
By Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno, 14th Century --

Begin Prophecy:

One from beyond the mountains shall become the Vicar Of God. Religious and clerics shall take part in this change.

[My comment: If true, the appointing of this line of true Popes was already done once Siri realized he was checkmated after the hi-jacked 1958 conclave, and sometime before he died. One priest commentator, I think Fr. Sylvester Berry or Fr. Hermann Kramer, said in the early to mid twentieth century that the means of papal succession in those dark days of the spoiled conclave and counterfeit church -- would correspond to the conditions imposed by the exile. St. Peter appointed Pope Linus I and a Pope in the fourth century also passed on the papal succession by appointment.]

Outside the true path, there will be only disreputable men; I shrug my shoulders

(my comment: clumsy translation probably from an idiom, should read: I am totally dismayed to see)

when the Bark of Peter is in danger and there is no one to lend it help . . . The schismatic

(my comment: the antipope of this hour)

shall fall into the scorn of the Italian faithful . . .

By about twelve years shall the millennium have passed [2012 A.D.] when the resplendent mantle of legitimate power shall emerge from the shadows

(my comment: true pope in hiding comes into world view)

where it was being kept by the schism, and beyond harm from the one

[my comment: the usurping line of antipopes and the Synagogue of Satan behind them]

who is blocking the door of salvation, for his deceitful schism shall have come to an end.

[my comment: the hi-jacking of the 1958 Papal conclave resulted in antipopes John XXIII, Paul VI, John II, Benedict XVI, etc. starting a SCHISMATIC, counterfeit church within the structures of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. Because they physically controlled the Vatican, the Chair of Peter, and the Church's structures worldwide, the overwhelming majority of the faithful looked as these imposters and their appointees as the true hierarchy -- and therefore within about 11 years (by 1969) accepted a new, false religion, and treated those remaining loyal to the true Popes and the true Faith as "schismatics."  This has, indeed, been a DECEITFUL SCHISM as it masquaraded as legitimate developments and changes in the Church. Once a true Pope retakes the Vatican, the counterfeit church of Vatican II will be exposed and condemned as just another schism, albeit the most extensive and destructive by far in the history of the Church.)

And the mass of the faithful shall attach itself to the worthy Shepherd, who shall extricate each one from error and restore to the Church its beauty. He shall renew it."

(End of Prophecy of *Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno, Profezie, 14th Century)

My comment: Logically -- it doesn't appear this could happen until the chastisement and three days of darkness have happened. It is only then that a true Pope could emerge without being immediately imprisoned and or killed before almost the whole world had even heard of him. It is after the three days of darkness that the current powers of evil will be totally broken. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings depicts this in fictional form at the end of 3rd movie, Return of the King, when Gandolf, representing the Church and the Pope, the connection to Heaven, crowns the Great Monarch, or Aragon in the movie. And thus begins the period of peace in the movie and thus, many prophecies say, will begin the period of peace in the coming era, when the Pope crowns the Great Monarch as the civil head of Christendom. Tolkein, the author of the fictional Lord of the Rings books, I think, knew Fatima and the Great Monarch prophecies. He signed a petition to keep the Latin Mass in 1967 or so. He died in 1973. ******  - Jim Condit Jr.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Here are some other articles which I compiled that are related to Prophecies which possibly apply to our time:

Prophecies for Searching Souls

Letter to my Brothers and Sisters about the First Two Pages of Yves Dupont's book, "Catholic Prophecy:

Pope Leo's Vision, Satan's 100 years of increased power, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

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Section III

Articles which prove that the Vatican II "Church" cannot possibly be the True Church, and that, Regardless of any errors in the "Siri Investigation", John XXIII through Francis I cannot be true Popes, but must be antipopes

The following articles prove that the current counterfeit church occupying the Vatican and all the structures of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church -- cannot possibly be the Roman Catholic Church, and that John XXIII through Francis I cannot be true Catholic Popes, but must be antipopes due to their formal and official actions. These anti-popes perpetrated official acts, such as imposing errors in the Mass, and officially signing and endorsing false doctrine and false moral teaching in purported Ecumenical Council Documents (Vatican Council II), which the First Vatican Council teaches infallibly that true Popes cannot do.

The PDF version of:

Why the Conciliar* Church cannot be the Catholic Church, and Why the "New Mass" cannot be the true Mass . . .
and how the Church may still function even when reduced to a handful and exiled from her visible structures

* Conciliar Church = Vatican Council II Church

Click here for PDF version


The Pastoral Council
by Gary Giuffre
This article is must reading, and forms a kind of companion article with the one below by Mr. John Daly. It shows that the pastoral and dogmatic aspects of a General Ecumenical Council are not opposed to each other in any way, but are always complementary. That "Pastoral Council" does not mean we can have all the heresy we want, as has sometimes been inadvertently implied or assumed by some defending Vatican Council II -- but rather that "pastoral" is defined as how best to bring the teachings of the Church to the faithful and the world in any given era. Mr. Giuffre also shows that in the final decree promulgating the documents of Vatican II on December 8, 1965, Paul VI binds ALL Catholics to EVERYTHING that was synodally decreed at Vatican II. --- (In the below article by John Daly, Mr. Daly shows that while Paul VI, as well as the relevant footnote found in the Dogmatic Constitution, Lumen Gentium, both state that there were no extraordinary definitions at Vatican Council II, but that both also claim that the documents of the Second Vatican Council came under the second aspect of the Church's infallibility, namely, the "ordinary and universal magisterium." For once Council documents are ratified by a true Pope, they enter the "daily life of the Church" forever, and can be trusted by the faithful regarding any matters touching on Faith and Morals.)


Did Vatican II Teach Infallibly?
By John Daly
This is an excellent article showing that Vatican Council II fulfilled all the conditions for infallibility, but still taught falsely in its official documents on Faith and Morals in several places. Conclusion: the Council was without its head, i.e., the man who signed and promulgated the Vatican II Documents purporting to be Pope, namely Paul VI, was in fact an antipope and did not have the protection of the Holy Ghost promised to true Popes in such circumstances.


More Articles on the Crisis in the Catholic Church

Sacrilege and Heresy: The New Mass Falsifies the Definition of "Mystery of Faith" in the consecration of the wine


The New Mass in English is Invalid Because of Substantial Change in Christ's Words


False Moral Teaching in Vatican II:  Religious Liberty


 Proof that Paul VI Invalidated
the rite of the consecration for Bishops in 1968


This Page is linked primarily because it links the reader to some of the important articles
 of the late Patrick Henry Omlor Proving that the New Mass cannot a Catholic Mass, as well to some other very sound and important articles



The Robber Church

by Patrick Henry Omlor (with Introduction by Fr. Lawrence Brey) -  the book in PDF form
(This book is a compilation of all of the late Patrick Henry Omlor's excellent articles; the articles are not separated well as regards to chapters with bold headings,
nor is there a clear table of contents, which hopefully will be corrected in the near future. Scroll through the document carefully and you will find all the articles, and where they begin and end.)


Clear Heresy in Vatican Council II: Moslems adore the same God that Catholics adore
(True Popes cannot sign Council Documents with even one heresy in them, only antipopes like Paul VI can do this, and only antipopes like John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I can support such "Council" documents. In the 20 true Ecumenical Councils of the Church from St. Peter up to Vatican Council I in 1870, there has never been a heresy or a false moral teaching in any of the Council documents)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The State of the "Siri Investigation"
Coming Soon

Answers to Some Objections against the "Siri Thesis"