Vatican 2 Muslim Heresy

Clear Heresy in Vatican Council II: Muslims adore the same God that Catholics adore

True – Popes cannot sign Council Documents with even one heresy in them, only antipopes like Paul VI can do this, and only antipopes like John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I can support such “Council” documents. In the 20 true Ecumenical Councils of the Church from St. Peter up to Vatican Council I in 1870, there has never been a heresy or a false moral teaching in any of the Council documents, nor could there be. (See PDF linked on home page, “Why the
Conciliar Church cannot be the Catholic Church . . . “)

So, incredibly, we find the most blatant, anti-Scriptural heresy possible in the documents of Vatican Council II, a false council signed by a false pope, namely anti-pope Paul VI.

Here it is:

“But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Muslims, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind.” (Paragraph 16, Lumen Gentium, classifed and signed as a DOGMATIC CONSTITUTION by Paul IV)

Now, first of all, this blatantly contradicts Holy Scripture in I John 2:23 wherein we find:

“Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son, hath the Father also.” (I John 2:23)

So, if one denies the Son, he does not worship the Father, and if one confesses Jesus as God, then he does worship the Father.

Clearly, the Muslims do not confess Jesus as God, but view Jesus merely as a Great Prophet of God.

Let’s see what the Koran (viewed by Muslims as their holy book) has to say about those who adore Jesus as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Clearly, Islam denies the Divinity of Christ. Here are four passages from the Koran:

“The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than God’s apostle.” (Sura 4).

“They do blaspheme who say: Allah is Christ the son of Mary.” (Sura 5:72).

“And when Allah saith: O Jesus, son of Mary! Didst thou say unto mankind: Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah? he saith: Be glorified! It was not mine to utter that to which I had no right” (Sura 5:116).

In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary (Sura 5:17).

(“Sura” is a word used in the Koran for “chapter.”)

So, since Moslems do not confess Jesus as the Son of God, they do not have the Father, as St. John tells us in I John 2:23.

Therefore, Catholics and Muslims, obviously, do not adore the same God. Catholics adore the Blessed Trinity, with Jesus as true God and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Muslims reject the Blessed Trinity, and view Jesus as NOT God, but as “no more than God’s Apostle.”

In contrast to the clear teaching of the Catholic Church, the Koran goes out of its way to denounce the notion of Blessed Trinity:

“O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not
“Three”—Cease! (it is) better for you!—Allah is only One God. Far is it removed from His transcendant majesty that he should have a son.
His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender. The Messiah will never scorn to be a slave unto Allah, nor will the
favoured angels. Whoso scorneth His service and is proud, all such will He assemble unto Him (Surah 4:171-172, emp. added).

They surely disbelieve who say: Lo! Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. The Messiah (himself) said: O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Lo! whoso ascribeth partners unto Allah, for him Allah hath forbidden Paradise. His abode is the Fire. For evil‑doers there will be no helpers. They surely disbelieve who say: Lo! Allah is the third of three; when there is no God save the One God. If they desist not from so saying a painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve. Will they not rather turn unto Allah and seek forgiveness of Him? For Allah is Forgiving, Merciful (Surah 5:72-74, emp. added).

Clearly, the Koran issues forthright denunciations against those who believe in the Blessed Trinity as depicted in the Bible and taught by the Roman Catholic Church from the beginning. The Koran declares in unmistakable terms that those who do believe in the Trinity will be excluded from paradise, and will experience a “painful doom” by burning in the fire of hell.

In fits of sheer insanity, some defenders of Paul VI as a true Pope, and “Vatican II” as a true Council, try to justify the assertion that Catholics and Muslims worship the same God.

What can one say? It is like those signs outside of the occupied Catholic parish church buildings since Vatican II:

“Sunday Masses: 4:30 PM on Saturday, 9 AM on Sunday, 11 AM on Sunday.”

(To be expanded)