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In 1987, Mr. Gary Giuffre of Houston, Texas, portrait artist and model maker, “cracked the case’ on what happened at the “scene of the crime” — at the hi-jacked conclave of 1958. The crime happened on October 26, 1958. shortly after 5:55 PM (Rome time) when white smoke billowed from the Sistine chapel for a full five minutes, indicating that a Pope had been elected, had accepted, and had taken a name. But no Pope emerged.

Two days later, Angelo Roncalli as John XXIII emerged on the balcony to the wild cheers of the international media, which dubbed this man “Good Pope John”.

And at that moment a jarring turn — a ninety decree turn — began to take place within the structures of the Catholic Church. A turn towards sacrilege, heresy, schism and repudiation of the Church’s history and tradition, which would be fully manifested at and after the Second Vatican Council (a false council, held from 1962-1965) and in its aftermath. The true Pope had been dethroned and exiled, and the top leaders of the diabolical secret society of Freemasonry had taken control of the Vatican.

Mr. Giuffre uncovered the mechanism by which the enemies brought about the Eclipse of the Church, long prophesied, and long written about by scholars: the hi-jacking of the 1958 Papal Conclave; i.e., the election of a true pope who was to be shoved aside amidst dire threats and deceptions against the assembled Cardinals and the Vatican itself; and the replacing of the true Pope with an invalidly elected anti-pope, thus ensuring that the Holy Ghost would not interfere with the program of destruction and demolition of the antipopes, which we have witnessed from October 26th, 1958 until this day in May, 2021. Read this Introduction, and see the articles at the menu tab, “Articles by Gary Giuffre” and another menu tab, “Interviews with Gary Giuffre.”

(Pope Pius XII had died on October 9, 1958. He had reigned from 1939 to 1958. The Conclave to elect his successor convened on October 26, 1958.)

. . . As Darkness Came Over the Vatican . . .”

From the article linked in Section I on the home page, “Comments on the Eclipse of the Church and the
White Smoke of October 26, 1958”

(Note: Joseph Breig was a Catholic Reporter who was on the scene in the Vatican for the Papal Conclave which began on October 26, 1958. 5 minutes of white smoke went up from the Sistine Chapel Chimney 5:55 PM to 6 PM, indicating that a Pope had been elected, — but no Pope appeared on the balcony.)

In a sentence perhaps more pregnant with unintended meaning than any other written in the 20th century, Breig penned these words:

“Two views of the stovepipe extending above the Sistine Chapel — white smoke indicating a new Pope, gray, showing no agreement came five minutes apart as darkness came over the Vatican . . .” (emphasis added)

And the very next sentence from Breig prompts us to surmise with the benefit of decades of hindsight that the evil cabal which had just seized control of the Vatican structures had not yet had time to get their cover story straight:

“Vatican authorities were at a loss to explain the confusion . . .”

It is significant that those who took control of the Vatican on that night have never offered any coherent explanation to this day for the five minutes of white smoke on October 26, 1958.

[Quotes referred to in the above quoted passage are from the late Catholic journalist, Joseph A. Breig, who was on the spot in Rome on that fateful evening, as published in the December, 1958 pamphlet entitled, “Vicar of Christ; Pope John XXIII,” from Summit Press Inc., Saint Paul, Minnesota, page 23.]

If reporter Joseph Breig had any momentary misgivings when the white smoke turned back to grey after five minutes on that late fall evening of October 26, 1958, – we will never know. In any case, he, like virtually everyone else on the outside, gave the cardinals in the conclave the benefit of any doubts, figured they were acting freely, without duress, were still in control of the conclave without outside interference, and that they knew what they were doing.

When Brieg wrote “. . . as darkness came over the Vatican . . .”, Breig was undoubtedly referring only to the fact that dusk was turning to darkness in Rome at that moment, as the white smoke turned to grey.

But, as stated above, this sentence by Breig was perhaps more pregnant with unintended meaning than any other written in the 20th century. For, with benefit of decades of hindsight, it is now clear that at that very moment the forces of darkness in this world, the shadow government of Judeo-Freemasonry backed by international finance, — was usurping the Papacy
and taking control of the Vatican structures amidst dire threats against the newly elected Pope and the 51 cardinals in the conclave, — threats which involved “the very existence of the Vatican state”, to quote Malachi Martin in his book, “Keys of this Blood” pages 600 to 610.
(This “very existence of the Vatican state” could only refer to the threat of the use of nuclear weapons if the newly elected Pope was not shoved aside, and replaced with someone acceptable to those issuing the threat. See the article linked on the home page, “An Ominous Anniversary.”)

Physical darkness was not the only reality coming over the Vatican at that moment, but spiritual darkness as well, due to diabolical, well-planned outside interference into the Conclave — and that spiritual darkness would very soon thereafter be engulfing the whole world as well.


In “Section I” on the Home Page, are linked, in this reporter’s judgement, by far the most important Five Key Articles that have been written about the crisis within the structures of the Roman Catholic Church in this, our day. This apocalyptic crisis has now spanned from October 26, 1958 until the present. To put it another way, these Five Key Articles explain what did happen to precipitate the current crisis, and all other attempts either fall woefully short, or point the searching soul in the wrong direction.

These five linked articles (in Section I on the Home Page) were written by portrait artist, NASA model maker, and investigative reporter, Mr. Gary Giuffre of Texas, USA. (The commentary in the “White Smoke” article was a collaboration of Mr. Giuffre and this writer.) The attention to
detail which is a necessary skill of the portrait artist shines through in these linked articles, which launched perhaps the most earthshaking criminal investigation which touches on the 20th and 21st century.

These articles are key explanations of the unfolding of “The Eclipse of the Church”  in our time, often also called the”Siri Theory”, or “Siri Thesis”, or “Siri Investigation”.

The Siri Investigation holds that the predominance of the known evidence points to the
conclusion that Pope Pius XII’s preferred choice to succeed him, Joseph Cardinal Siri, was canonically elected Pope on October 26, 1958 – 17 days after Pope Pius XII died.

But, as was documented the next day worldwide via radio, TV, and the headlines in many large newspapers including the London Tablet and the Houston Chronicle, — as well as in dozens of other big city newspapers, — no Pope emerged onto the balcony that evening after the five minutes of white smoke was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people.

The white smoke was seen on that evening by the assembled throng in St. Peter’s Square from 5:55 PM to 6 PM. Fr. Francesco Pellegrino, who was the voice of worldwide Vatican shortwave radio that night, announced from approximately 5:55 PM to 6:25 PM — for a full thirty minutes — “Habemus Papam” (i.e., “We Have a Pope”). When he was informed that the Conclave was continuing, Fr. Pellegrino stated (paraphase in English): “The impression of white smoke on 200,000 people can not be erased. They are telling me a mistake has been made. That is not possible. The answer must lie elsewhere.”

Need to add individual photos with the following text:
Pope Pius XII and Cardinal Siri circa 1953            

Pius XII makes Siri a Cardinal in 1953

Cardinal Siri in 1953 immediately after he became the last Cardinal made by Pope Pius XII

The “Siri Thesis”, or “Siri Investigation”, contends that the “Eclipse of the Church” began when dire threats which involved the very existence of the Vatican State were delivered that evening (October 26, 1958), immediately after 6 PM, against the newly elected Pope and the Cardinals still assembled in the Conclave; that these threats were delivered moments after Cardinal Siri was elected, accepted, and chose the name Gregory XVII (the three things that would have had to have already happened for white smoke to go up from the Sistine Chapel chimney for five minutes).

Two Canon Laws in force at that time stated that any proceedings in a Conclave are invalidated after external threats have entered that Conclave. (See, for example, Canon 185 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law, which all must admit was in force during the 1958 Conclave.) Therefore, no matter what deceit, trickery, and or threats were used against Siri after these external threats entered the 1958 Conclave, he would still remain the canonically elected Pope, and the “election” of John XXIII two days later would be illegal, uncanonical, and would make John XXIII an anti-pope, and not a Pope.

Because of these most serious threats against the 1958 Conclave, coupled with the connivance of corrupted Cardinals within the conclave who had agreed in advance to cooperate with the top operatives of Freemasonry in causing Siri to be shoved aside AFTER he was canonically elected,
the subsequent “election” of Roncalli as John XXIII was both uncanonical and invalid.
(See the prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi, below, about “an uncanonically elected Pope [i.e., ant-pope] who will cause a great schism . . .”)

(We are dealing with one of the greatest, if not the greatest, worldwide deception of all time. Investigative minds will rightly demand to know what regarding the “Siri Investigation” is certain, what is probable, and what is uncertain. See “The State of the Siri Investigation”, coming soon in Section III on the home page.)

Declassified US Intelligence Documents Reveal that Cardinal Siri was elected, and Took the Name Pope Gregory XVII, On October 26, 1958

In 2003, former FBI consultant Dr. Paul L. Williams, author of Osama’s Revenge, and numerous other books, published The Vatican Exposed:
Money, Murder, and the Mafia
(Prometheus Books). Although the book deals primarily with alleged Vatican corruption in terms of money and power, and has a decidedly liberal flavor, Williams — treating the declassified document as nothing more than a side-note — includes some information about the papal conclave of 1958.

Williams, who appears to be a liberal Catholic (although this cannot be verified from the online bios we could find), cited declassified US intelligence documents which stated that Cardinal Joseph Siri was elected Pope, and took the name Gregory XVII, on the third ballot on October 26, 1958 right before 6 PM, Rome time.

Here is part of what Williams wrote in The Vatican Exposed:

“In 1958 [on October 26], when the cardinals were locked away in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope, mysterious events began to unfold. On the third ballot, Siri, according to FBI sources, obtained the necessary votes and was elected as Pope Gregory XVII.[8]
White smoke poured from the chimney of the chapel to inform the faithful that a new pope had been chosen. The news was announced with joy at 6 P.M. on Vatican radio. The announcer said, “The smoke is white. . . . There is absolutely no doubt. A pope has been elected.”[9] . . . “

Williams cites these footnotes in the above passage, and in a subsequent paragraph:

— [8] Department of State secret dispatch, “John XXIII,” issue date: November 20, 1958, declassified:
November 11, 1974.
— [9] The announcer’s words appeared in the London Tablet, November 1, 1958, p. 387.
— [11] Department of State Secret File, “Cardinal Siri,” issue date April 10, 1961, declassified: February 28, 1994]

Let’s continue: Dr. Paul L. Williams is an accepted player in the pantheon of authors and personalities
welcome on the Big Media post the 9-11 terror attacks. He accepts without question the official 9-11 story, and has vigorously supported all the war actions against Arab and Muslim nations since 9-11-2001.

He has been a repeated gueston FOX Cable News, and big talk shows such as The Michael Savage Show and Coast to Coast with George Noury. He has penned articles for major news outlets,
including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and National Review. A regular guest on such news outlets as Fox News, NPR, and MSNBC, Williams has penned celebrated articles concerning Islamic paramilitary compounds, such as Islamberg, that have been circulated throughout the country. He remains a popular speaker on the Christian circuit. He served for seven years as a consultant to the
about terrorist and mafia criminal organizations.

In other words, Dr. Williams is a player, and a trusted member of “the team” who would be given access to FBI files, and other government files, for his research.

When contacted by aNew York Magistrate, attorney Laura Yantsos, and asked about these  declassified documents concerning Siri’s election on the first day of the conclave in 1958, Paul Williams reportedly claimed not to know anything about them.

So, the most logical explanation for his stonewalling of the Magistrate’s questions is that Williams,
in good faith, found and used the documents in question because they bolstered his book’s thesis that the Vatican was a corrupt place with lots of hidden skullduggery. HOWEVER, subsequently, he was chastised and told by “higher ups” that the “Siri/1958 conclave” documents were not supposed to have been declassified, and should never have been published. Thus Williams, a good team player for the FBI, when asked by New York Magistrate Yantsos, pretends not to know anything about  theses documents referred to in his own book. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This type of stonewalling enhances the credibility of the documents Williams published on Siri and the 1958 conclave in his book, The Vatican Exposed. Likewise, since Williams is not a traditional-minded Catholic, and may not even be Catholic, and is certainly not in favor of, or even concerned about, and perhaps not even aware of, “the Siri Thesis” — then the credibility of these documents is further enhanced. (In other words, if someone like myself, as one who supporters the Siri Thesis, had found these blockbuster, declassified documents — the reader could justifiably wonder if I had fabricated the whole thing just to bolster my case.)


The greatest moral authority on earth was being eclipsed. The long prophesied “Eclipse of the Church” had begun. “The Church will be in eclipse; the world will be in dismay.” – Our Lady of LaSalette, 1846

Not matter what one’s view of the “Vatican II Popes” and the state of the Papacy, there is no question that the “left turn” against Catholic tradition took place on October 28, 1958 when John XXIII (Roncalli) walked out on the Balcony and was presented to the world as the “newly elected pope.”

1958 was the “scene of the crime.”

The following from the commentary on the article linked on the home page, “The Eclipse of the Church and Comments on the White Smoke of October 26, 1958”:

One may wonder what was made of all this white smoke and how much, if at all, did these developments perplex and disturb the Italian faithful? For instance, a number of people have anecdotally told Mr. Giuffre, the author of this article, as well as others who are supporters of
this investigation, that the “word on the street” after Roncalli emerged as John XXIII was that “they switched popes on us.” In fact, a veteran Italian news reporter adds her considerable credibility to this popular perception.

In her still unpublished memoirs, Vatican news correspondent, and long time reporter for the  Associated Press wire service, Gabriella Montemayor (1912-2005), whose career spanned 50 years, summarized the rumors that circulated among informed journalists in October 1958:

“Siri was alleged to have been elected at the conclave of 1958, from which, instead, came out Roncalli. The three well-known smoke signals, white, black, and then, finally, white, had aroused not a little perplexity and the same comment throughout the whole of the Italian peninsula:
Who had been elected at the first white smoke?

“Everyone in Genoa insisted, even from the first day: ‘It most certainly was [Cardinal Joseph} Siri.’ Could he have abdicated? Had he been forced out? Was it politics or the Holy Ghost? The mystery remains yet today. However, the [new] Vatican which burst unexpectedly before our eyes was a totally different Vatican from that of Pius XII, who had condemned Communism, excommunicating whoever had collaborated in any way with the atheists. The excommunication was surely still legitimate when the new pontificate opened its arms to the Soviets, even as  Roncalli was hailed, in a shameless manner, as the “good Pope.” (Gabriella Montemayor, “I’ll Tell My Cat,” 1993, unpublished manuscript, Rome, chapter 4: “Conclave,” page 28.)


A mere 10 months before the death of Pope Pius XII and the 1958 Conclave, on December 26, 1957, Sister Lucia of Fatima (Lucia dos Santos, the main seer of the Fatima apparitions) was visited by Fr. Augustin Fuentes of Mexico, who was preparing to take on the position of  postulator of the causes for beatification of the other two Fatima seers, Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Fr. Fuentes was a man of impeccable reputation, which is why he had been chosen for this responsibility. He felt Sister Lucy’s words to him on this occasion were so important that he  sought and received the ecclesiastical permission of his superiors to publish what he had been told.

The following is taken from the website,

Father Fuentes affirmed that the message came “from the very lips of the principal seer.”

Sources: This matter has been documented at length by Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité in Volume III of his series The Whole Truth About Fatima. The following text is The Fatima Crusader’s translation of the Spanish and the English texts published in Frère Michel’s book The Third Secret (Volume III, pp. 336-338).

The Report by Father Fuentes

“I wish to tell you about the last conversation which I had with Sister Lucy on the 26th of December (last year). I met her in her convent. She was very sad, very pale and emaciated. . .

“Father, the most Holy Virgin is very sad because no one has paid any attention to Her Message, neither the good nor the bad. . . . But believe me, Father, God will chastise the world and this will be in a terrible manner. The punishment from Heaven is imminent.” . . .

“Father, how much time is there before 1960 arrives? It will be very sad for everyone, not one person will rejoice at all if beforehand the world does not pray and do penance. I am not able to give any other details, because it is still a Secret. According to the will of the Most Holy Virgin, only the Holy Father and the Bishop of Fatima are permitted to know the Secret, but they have chosen to not know it so that they would not be influenced. This is the third part of the Message of
Our Lady, which will remain secret until 1960.”
. . . (My comment: Fr. Fuentes indicated elsewhere that he took Sister Lucy’s question, “. . . how much time is before 1960 arrives?” — as a rhetorical question indicating the urgency of the situation in the Seer’s mind.)

Sister Lucy also told me: “Father, the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Blessed Virgin. And the devil knows what it is that offends God the most, and which in a short space of time will gain for him the greatest number of souls. Thus the devil does everything to overcome souls consecrated to God, because in this way the devil will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders, thereby the more easily will he seize them.” . . .

“Father, that is why my mission is not to indicate to the world the material punishments which are certain to come if the world does not pray and do penance beforehand. No! My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate in sin.”

(End of quotes from — the entire text is at:
– and I highly recommend reading it all.)

Let’s think about the words of Sister Lucy above to Fr. Fuentes, ten months before the 1958 conclave. She says:

* The punishment from Heaven is imminent

* It will be sad for everyone, not one person will rejoice

* Since the Pope and Bishop of Fatima had chosen not to know it, the Third Secret would not be known until 1960

* The devil wants to leave the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders

* That her mission is not to indicate to the world the material punishments

Clearly, without giving any exact details, Sister Lucy told us that the punished from Heaven was IMMINENT in 1957, while seeming also to indicate that the Third Secret did not primarily concern material punishments, but a spiritual chastisement in which the souls of the Faithful are abandoned by our leaders.


About 12 years earlier, circa 1946. Sister Lucy had been asked by someone authorized to interview her (paraphrase of the question from memory): “Why the year 1960 for the release of the Third Secret?” Sister Lucy replied exactly this: “Because it will be clearer then.” (!!!!!)

In 1959, Antipope John XXIII had claimed to have “an inspiration” to call a General Council of the Church (in fact, John XXIII told two conflicting stories about this “inspiration). In 1960 it was well known that the preparations for the Second Vatican Council were underway. And, instead of
releasing the Third Secret in 1960, John XXIII consigned it to the deepest archives of the Vatican, stating that this message “is not meant for my time.”

The following from the article linked on the home page, “Warnings from Heaven Suppressed”:

When 1960 finally arrived, Pius XII’s legitimate successor had been swept aside, and in his place intruded the accused Rosicrucian, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII), who had the effrontery to quash the message from the Mother of God with the deceitful excuse: “It is not meant for my time.”

According to one account, damaging clues concerning Roncalli’s true motive for smothering the Third Secret of Fatima surfaced in newspapers from a country far removed from Rome:

” . . . The first and principal part of that secret is still being suppressed by the people who would be exposed and incriminated by its publication, those Modernists who have finally succeeded in “infiltrating into the highest places in the Church,” including the papal throne itself. On Monday, September 11, 1972, THE INDIAN EXPRESS, largest daily newspaper in India, carried an article
about the Fatima Secret. On Sunday, September 10, the UNI (United News of India) hurriedly dispatched the following news to all Indian papers and called special attention of the Associated Press and ANSA (Italian News Service). The action was prompted by the tremendous impact which leaflets on the Fatima Secret, distributed by Roman Catholics in Cochin, had made upon Indian Catholics that Sunday.

“‘The leaflet said that the Virgin Mary appeared to three children at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. She had left one of them with a secret message with instructions that it be sent to the Pope in a sealed envelope that should be opened and made public in 1960.

“‘This was the FATIMA SECRET which the Vatican has failed to publish, the leaflet asserted.

“‘It alleged that the Vatican had not revealed the contents of the message so far, as ordained by the Virgin. This, the leaflet contended, was because the message was self-damaging to the Vatican.

“. . . the Secret Message of Fatima was to be opened in 1960, by the Pontiff then reigning, or on the occasion of Sister Lucia’s death, whichever occurred first, and then immediately published to the world. Sister Lucia is still living. The Pontiff reigning in 1960 was Pope John XXIII.

“‘ . . . The secret contained important information about the Conclave and, as Sister Lucia has since stated to several priest interviewers, about the Papacy.

‘Rest assured, if the Secret dealt with no information other than the end of the world, a third world war, a great chastisement, or warnings and threats no matter how dire, the Modernists certainly never would have suppressed it. Why should they? But if it were to expose them? . . . ; if it were to break their power . . . then, of course, they would stop at nothing to suppress it. And by . . . 1960, they had more than enough power to control the news in any way they chose.”


It is well known in Fatima circles that Sister Lucy found it almost impossible to write down the Third Secret.

This from page 82 of La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima by Fr. Joaquin Alonso (for a while the official archivist of Fatima, although the bulk of his research has been prevented from being published). This important passage was also repeated and cited on page 707 of The Whole Truth
about Fatima, Volume III,
by Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite:

In June of 1943 Sister Lucy became seriously ill with pleurisy, which caused Canon Galamba and Bishop da Silva to fear that she would die without having revealed the final Secret. Canon Galamba later convinced Bishop da Silva to suggest that Sister Lucy write down the Third Secret. However, Sister Lucy was unable to take the step of committing the Third Secret of Fatima to paper based
on the bishop’s mere suggestion. The absence of an explicit order from the bishop troubled her deeply, and Lucy did not wish to take responsibility for the initiative.

In mid-October 1943, Bishop da Silva finally gave Sister Lucy the formal order to write down the Third Secret. Lucy attempted to obey the bishop’s command, but was unable to do so for the next two and a half months. From mid-October1943 to early January 1944, Sister Lucy was prevented from obeying a formal order to write down the Third Secret by an unspeakable anguish that she  experienced. Finally, on January 2, 1944 Our Lady appeared to her to give her strength and confirm that it was the will of God that she write it down. It was only then that Sister Lucy was able to reveal the final part of the Secret. In addressing this difficulty, Father Alonso asks,

‘Moreover, how are we to understand Lucy’s great difficulty in writing the final part of the Secret when she has already written other things that were extremely difficult to put down? Had it been merely a matter of prophesying new and severe punishments, Sister Lucy would not have experienced difficulties so great that a special intervention from Heaven was needed to overcome them. But if it were a matter of internal strife within the Church and of serious pastoral negligence
on the part of high-ranking members of the hierarchy, we can understand how Lucy experienced a repugnance that was almost impossible to overcome by natural means.’

Before his death in 1981, Father Alonso stated the following important conclusions concerning the Third Secret:

‘It is therefore completely probable that the text makes concrete references to the crisis of faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves [and the] internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence by the upper hierarchy.’

And elsewhere:

‘In the period preceding the great triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, terrible things are to happen. These form the content of the third part of the Secret. . .

Thus it is quite possible that in this intermediate period which is in question (after 1960 and before the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), the text makes concrete references to the crisis of the Faith of the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves.’

(These passages taken from,
– and –
– and all are invited
to read these entire articles for themselves.)

Fr. Alonso, it seems to this writer, has “hit the nail on the head” as to why Sister Lucy almost could not write down the relatively brief Third Secret, even after months of trying.

In all probability, she was agonizing over how to express what she had been given to reveal without seeming to attack the Church herself.

This type of agonizing in a Holy Seer was not unprecedented. Another example would be the case of Blessed Anna Katrina Emmerich, — and she was struggling about the same subject matter.

Blessed Anna Katrina Emmerick (circa 1821), — spoken of highly by Pope Pius IX and many other credible persons, – had seen in her visions a “counterfeit church of darkness” occupying Rome at some time in the future — in an era when she also saw the priest facing the people when saying
Mass. (Priests were ordered to face the people while saying Mass beginning about 1965, right after the Second Vatican Council.)

The Holy Seer, who bore the stigmata in her body, was so troubled by her own visions, feeling that they must be from the devil since the true Church could never do the things she foresaw, — that at one point she reportedly tore up all the written pages which she had dictated to those who were chronicling her visions. Her spiritual superiors ordered her to re-dictate these visions again.

In the case of both Seers, the dilemma was the same: how to express what had been revealed to them, without bringing bad light on the Church itself, and without appearing to attack the Church in any way.

This is the only possible explanation for why it took over 2 months for Sister Lucy to write down the Third Secret, which turned out to be only one side of one page in length.

The so-called “Third Secret” released by the Vatican in 2002, of a Bishop dressed in white walking up a hill and being gunned down — would in no way cause such a dilemma in Sister Lucy’s or anyone else’s mind. For martyrs were legion in the history of the Church, and were well known to make the Church stronger.

Nor did the alleged assassination attempt on John Paul II in 1981 have anything to do with the year of 1960, or of a Divine punishment concerning all mankind being imminent in 1957.

The above criteria would apply to the usurpation of the Papacy at the spoiled Conclave of 1958, the onslaught of the counterfeit church’s Robber Council Vatican II, and the resulting apostasy “at the very top” of the Vatican. (This “apostasy at the very top” has been alluded to since 1960
by a number of Church officials who have claimed to be in a position to know something of the contents of the Third Secret.)

(See in section 2 on home part II — “The Third Secret of Fatima vs. What The Occupied Vatican Released” – Coming Soon)

Jacinta’s Vision of the Holy Father — and Other Prophecies indicating the Eclipse of the Church

Incredibly, there are numerous prophecies over the centuries predicting exactly this scenario of persecution against the Church and against the Pope in the latter days.

Two of these prophecies are from St. Francis of Assisi near his death, and from Blessed Joachim (in 1202). See the article linked on Section I on the Home Page, “Warnings from Heaven Suppressed”, and, “Prophecies for Searching Souls” in Section II on the Home Page.

In addition, weighty Catholic authorities over the centuries, including numerous Fathers of the Church, have written about this time during the latter days of a supreme crisis in the Church resulting from an occupied Vatican and an exiled Pope. (See “Scripture Scholars: Ancient and
Modern”, linked in Section I on the Home Page.)

Furthermore, it must be asked in light of all that has transpired: did Our Lady of Fatima’s warning that “the Holy Father would have much to suffer” refer to this turn of events involving an exiled Pope?

Jacinto’s “vision of the Pope” referred to on many Holy Cards devoted to her, — is still little known. It is little known even though it appears in the late, celebrated historian William Thomas Walsh’s important 1947 book, “Our Lady of Fatima.”

Jacinta’s vision is of the Holy Father kneeling with his face in his hands, and in dangerous circumstances. (This vision was received by Jacinta while the three children were tending their flocks in the field, a few months after the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917.)

After describing the scene to Lucia and Francisco, Jacinta asks Lucia if she can tell the people about her vision of the Holy Father. “No,’ answered Lucia. ‘Don’t you see that makes part
of the secret? And then it will be discovered.”

Mr. Gary Giuffre comments about this passage in the “Warnings from Heaven Suppressed” article linked in Section I on the home page:

“From this narrative, it is evident that unusual circumstances involving the Pope make up the essence of the Third Fatima Secret. It is also obvious that the Pope in Jacinta’s vision is not
securely quartered in the Vatican but is in a dangerous exile . . .”

Back to the Dynamics Surrounding the 1958 Conclave itself:

Two days later (two days after the five minutes of white smoke on October 26th when no Pope appeared) on October 28, 1958, Cardinal Angelo Roncalli emerged onto the balcony and was presented to the world as “Pope” John XXIII — amidst the wild cheers of the worldwide
Judeo-Masonic Big Press. The major media immediately dubbed Roncalli “Good Pope John”.

The world powers of darkness wanted a true Pope to be elected, but then to be shoved aside. Why? So that the forces of darkness could then put their own fake, — their own antipope on the Chair of Peter (as it turns out, John XXIII), — so that such a man would not have the assistance of the Holy Ghost promised to true Popes, and therefore would go along with, or even enthusiastically promote, the revolt against Christ and His Church from within the Church’s very own physical structures.

Under these conditions, the long-prophesied “Eclipse of the Church” could be inaugurated by  the enemies of the Church as a demolition operation against the Catholic Faithful, the Church, and the entire world — without interference from their antipope who had been placed on the Chair of Peter, and without interference from the true Pope who would be kept in an almost
universally hidden exile and sophisticated captivity. 

We, in our generation, have seen Our Lady of LaSalette’s prophecy from that approved 1846 apparition come true. That prophecy said, in part: “The Church will be in eclipse; the world we be in dismay.” 

Another part of the prophecy said that impurity would fill the air like pestilence. What would that have meant to the people alive in 1846? But, with the advent of radio a few decades later, television a century later, and especially the internet available to the public 150 years later, now the prophecy has come true in a dramatic manner. Even cell phones, being carried by everyone from college students to octogenarians — now pull impure images “out of the air.” “Impurity” indeed “fills the air” like “pestilence.”

The LaSalette apparitions were formally approved by both Pope Pius IX [1846-1878] and Pope Leo XIII [1878-1903]. Pope Leo built a Basilica on the spot of the apparitions. (For expansion
on the numerous prophecies about what seems to be the present crisis in the Church, see “Warnings from Heaven Suppressed” in Section I — and — “Prophecies for Searching Souls” in Section II.)

I remember as a 4th and 5th grader how the nuns were sincerely joyous seeing all the news coverage favorable to John XXIII and his coming Second Vatican Council. The world was finally being won over to the Church! But that was not what was happening. Catholics were being seduced into the Liturgical and Doctrinal Revolution against Christ and His Church — by the first of a series of antipopes who had usurped the Chair of Peter, — antipopes backed by the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc: 2:9 and 3:9) and its right arm in destruction, the secret society of Freemasonry.

In case anyone is so far missing the point that John XXIII was an anti-pope representing Freemasonry, and not a true Catholic Pope, let’s consider the following:

Leading Freemason Yves Marsaudon (state master, Supreme Council of France Scottish Rite), praises John XXIII during his time usurping the Chair of Peter: “The sense of universalism that is rampant in Rome these days is very close to our purpose of existence . . .  With all our hearts we support the Revolution of John XXIII.”

On the occasion of the death of Pope John XXIII, June 3, 1963, Mexican Freemasonry paid for an ad which was published in the June 4, 1963 issue of El Informador, a Mexican newspaper. It read in part:

“THE MEXICAN WESTERN GRAND LODGE of free and accepted Masons, at the death of POPE JOHN XXIII, Publicly expresses its sorrow for the loss of this great man, who made a revolution in the ideas, thoughts and forms of the Roman Catholic liturgy. THE ENCYCLICALS “MOTHER AND TEACHER” and “PEACE ON EARTH” Made a revolution in concepts favoring THE RIGHTS OF MAN AND HIS LIBERTY – Mankind has lost a great man, and we the Freemasons recognize his elevated principles, his humanitarianism and his condition as a GRAND LIBERAL. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, June 3, 1963, THE MEXICAN WESTERN GRAND LODGE, Jose Guadalupe Zuno
Hernandez, Esquire.”

Also, the above referenced prominent French Freemasonic leader, Yves Marsaudon, dedicated his book, “Ecumenism as seen by a Traditionalist Freemason”, published circa 1964, to Pope
John XXIII and Pope Paul VI. Viewing developments in this light, it becomes clear why the antipopes following John XXIII and Paul VI took the names, “John Paul I” and “John Paul II” — to signal to the powers of world darkness that these men were to carry on the work of the new “counterfeit church of darkness” (to use the phrase of Blessed Anna Katrina Emmerick) and to
continue the demolition operation against the true Church from within Her own, usurped structures. The message was this: we, the John Pauls, are carrying on the destructive work of antipopes John XXIII and Paul VI, and NOT the work of the true Popes, the work of the Catholic
Church, from St. Peter to Pope Pius XII in 1958. (The John Pauls were the first occupants of the Chair of Peter in 2000 years to ever take two names.)

To underscore this point that a counterfeit church was born on October 28, 1958, Rabbi  Schmuley Boteach made an astoundingly frank remark during a heated debate on the Joe
Scarborough Show in 2004 on MSNBC, shortly after the release of the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”. Rabbi Boteach stated that the Roman Catholic Church was an “evil church” before 1958. In other words, the anti-Christ Rabbi revealed that he and his comrades hated the true Church (from St. Peter to the end of the reign of Pope Pius XII in 1958) but loved the “counterfeit church of darkness” which Judeo-Masonry had launched in Rome after October 28, 1958 when their man, John XXIII, had successfully usurped the Chair of Peter.

Angelo Roncalli – antipope John XXIII)

Here is Angelo Roncalli (the future antipope John XXIII) being crowned Cardinal in the early 1950s
by the Masonic President of France, at Roncalli’s request.

Roncalli, in the above picture, was absurdly invoking an ancient tradition when the head of France was a Catholic Monarch leading a Catholic nation. The anti-Catholic Revolution within the structures of the Catholic Church began as soon as Roncalli illegally usurped the Chair of
Peter in 1958. — (Even the Super “Pro-Vatican II” publication, “Inside the Vatican”, acknowledged in a September, 2004 article that, “There were certain irregularities about the election during that 1958 conclave, as Cardinal Tisserant has himself acknowledged.” !!!
Cardinal Tisserant was designated to preside over the proceedings of the 1958 Conclave.) —

John XXIII called the 2nd Vatican Council (1962-1965) as one of his first major acts in 1959, accompanied by two contradictory explanations of how he got the “inspiration.” Anti-Pope Roncalli also made Msgr. John-Baptist Montini a “Cardinal” as another one of his first major acts. Montini was promoted in 1956 by Time Magazine as one of the candidates who was “in contention” to succeed Pius XII, even though Montini was not a cardinal !!! Montini actually succeeded John XXIII (1958-1963) as “Pope” Paul VI (1963-1978).

It was Montini who essentially changed the Mass, 5 of the sacraments, all the catechisms, abolished the Oath against Modernism (initiated by Pope St. Pius X), took the order of exorcism out of the steps required for Seminarians on the way to the priesthood, signed clear heresy (Moslems pray to the same God as Catholics) and false moral teaching (heretics have the RIGHT to spread their false doctrine in public) in the documents of Vatican II (something a true Pope has never done and could never do).

The Enemies of God Have Brought the Church, Humanly Speaking, to the Brink of Extinction. The Deception Has Been So Clever that Most Catholics Still Support Their Destroyers

There is a matter of the UTMOST importance which most Catholics are completely unaware.

In 1947, in response to requests from some of the eastern Bishops, Pope Pius XII, in an infallible document, designated the words in the Episcopal Consecration Rite for Bishops. (See “Proof that Paul VI Invalidated the rite of the consecration for Bishops in 1968” in Section III on the home page of this website.)

It is important to note that Pope Pius XII did not change anything in the ancient Episcopal Consecration rite, which the Council of Florence under Eugene IV declared infallibly, after the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas, had come to us in its essentials from Christ and the Apostles. All that Pope Pius XII did was define which words in the lengthy rite were essential for the consecration of Bishops. And here are the words which Pope Pius XII designated as being essential for that form:

Fill up in Thy priest the perfection of Thy ministry and sanctify him with the dew of Thy heavenly ointment, this thy servant decked out with the ornaments of all beauty.

(Comple in sacerdote tuo ministerii tui summum, et ornamentis totius glorificationis instructum coelestis unguenti rore sanctifica).


In 1969, ONLY 22 YEARS LATER, antipope Paul VI did what no true Pope could ever do, namely, essentially change the form of a sacrament. There are numerous quotes from Popes over many centuries that the Church has no authority of over substance of the sacraments. (“It is well-known that to the Church there belongs no right whatsoever to innovate anything on the substance of the Sacraments.” – Pope St. Pius X, Ex quo nono, 1910).

As an agent of Satan, the second in the line of Vatican II antipopes who had usurped the Chair of Peter due to the spoiled conclave of 1958, Paul VI diabolically invalidated the rite for the consecration of bishops in 1969. PLEASE NOTE WELL: Paul VI removed EVERY WORD from the essential form of this sacrament EXCEPT for the word “and”. (To add insult to injury, Paul VI stated that he took the NEW WORDS he subsituted for the essential form in the rite of consecration of Bishops — were taken from a rite concocted by an antipope name Hippolytus who lived in the 3rd century. (!!!!)

This sacramental vandalism by Paul VI, obviously, resulted in the invalidation of all Bishops made in the New Rite since 1969, and thus resulted in the invalidation of all the priests “ordained” by these “Bishops” since 1969, and, therefore, also invalidated all the sacraments except baptism performed by these New Rite, NewChurch “priests” since 1969.

The enemies of the Church, under antipopes Benedict XVI and Francis I, are right now trying to complete the process of ending Apostolic Succession through the spoiled rite of consecration for Bishops.

It cost the master conspirator, Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) – it costs him nothing to say or write pius, orthodox words part of the time, or to “bring back the Latin Mass”, when he knows the destruction of the Catholic episcopacy is proceeding apace, and that almost all the Latin Masses are being “said” by invalid priests. Same goes for antipope Francis I. (Bergolio)

There are less than 20 Pius XII bishops left alive who have both valid orders and a Papal appointment. (There may be others who were made behind the Iron Curtain in the years from 1940 to 1989.) The bishops made by the Society of Pius X, for instance, are valid — but have no Papal appointment.

This is the real drama, the real Passion of the Church, being played out, while the overwhelming majority of Catholics have never learned of this information, or, if they have, close their eyes and blindly hug tightly the fairy tales put out for their consumption by such gate-keeper operations as the EWTN cable TV Network.

Millions of sincere, concerned Catholics move forward in a fog, oblivious to the destruction being wreaked on Christ’s Church, and oblivious to the attempts by the “Vatican II Popes” to destroy the Church (per the impossible) and nullify Christ’s promises.

At the same time, the few who are sounding the alarm and at least wanting to do what is humanly possible to save the Church, if they could figure out what to do, — are called “schismatics” by the unaware Catholics who are drowning in the deceptions and the illusions manufactured for them by the counterfeit church of darkness which is occupying the Catholic structures worldwide, from the Vatican down to the parish church buildings.

As Blessed Anna Katrina Emmerich said regarding these times (paraphrase), “Many fought on, but they didn’t seem to know what it was all about.”


The Most Important Line Written
About the Crisis in the Church since 1958

The most important line since the 1958 conclave and Vatican Council II (1962-1965) was written by Mr. Gary Giuffre in his article, “The Pope who will wear Red” published circa 1989.

After explaining that the holy mystic, Blessed Anna Katrina Emmerick, saw (circa 1821) a “counterfeit church” usurping the structures of the Roman Catholic Church, which she saw happening in an era when priests said mass facing the people (which era began circa 1966, and was prevalent worldwide by 1974), Mr. Giuffre wrote this insightful line: 

This false church of darkness could not deceive the faithful if it did not present to the world its own false “pope” or succession of “popes” as the “legitimate” authority in the Catholic Church.

That line describes what has transpired before the eyes of those old enough to have witnessed what has happened. As the last five decades+ have unfolded, tens of millions of Catholics since 1958 have followed the evil program of the Vatican II anti-popes for only one reason: they were believing all the while they were listening to, and following, true Popes.



Humanly speaking, the “Siri Investigation” has gone “cold.” Mr. Gary Giuffre’s breakthrough articles appeared in 1988 and 1989. Siri died in 1989. A few blockbuster items of confirming, circumstantial evidence have appeared since 1989, but little else. Many of the prophecies indicated that this would be the case.

As far as I know, almost all analysts and seers (except St. Nicholas of Fluh, below) before 1958 who wrote about or commented upon the length of the coming “Eclipse of the Church” and the coming exile of the Pope from Rome by the forces of anti-Christ in the latter days — seemed to believe that the “Eclipse of the Church” would last only a few days, a few weeks, or a few years.

For instance, the main seer of LaSalette, Melanie Calvet, who is smeared by the many deluded defenders of the “Vatican II Popes” to this day, in her later years circa 1890, stated about the coming crisis that, “The Church will be eclipsed. At first, we will not know which is the true pope. Then secondly, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will cease to be offered in churches and (religious) houses . . .” (See “Warnings from Heaven Suppressed”, linked on the Home Page of this website.) 

We can now see with the benefit of experience that this idea of a relatively short-lived “eclipse of the Church” has not been the case. With the benefit of hindsight, the overwhelming (almost 100%) majority of people in the world do not know yet about the spoiled Concalve of 1958 – after 50+ years.

Logically, though, it makes sense that after the true Pope was elected and suppressed — that the antipopes would need decades to bring about the near total “Eclipse of the Church” in all respects, which reality is now clearly before our eyes.

Many sincere Catholics, upon first seeing this evidence, analysis, and reasoning, — experience a “light bulb” moment for at least a few seconds and realize that the “Siri Thesis” and the “Eclipse of the Church”, at least in broad strokes, explain everything about the current crisis in the Church. But then, as it hits them what a “sea change” this would cause in their world outlook and daily practice, the second reaction is to reflexively formulate intellectual objections, for instance, that if the “Siri Thesis” is correct — then Christ’s promise has failed, and the Gates of Hell have prevailed. But this does not follow.

The true Pope, Pope Innocent II, was exiled from the Vatican right after his election in 1130 A.D. for eight years (1130-1138), during which time antipope Anacletus II usurped the Chair of Peter and was accepted by all the prominent families of Rome. Pope Innocent wandered throughout Europe until St. Bernard of Clairvaux took up his cause and was instrumental in restoring the true Pope to the Chair of Peter. The reader can find an account of this crisis in the 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia, among other places.

There are also 39 major antipopes recognized by the Catholic Church in the last 2000 years. Some of these occupied Rome while the true Pope was in exile. But none of these historical realities mean that Christ’s promises have failed, of course. Nor does the fact that the Pope is not visible to much of the world, or nearly all of the world, nullify Christ’s promises. Nor do long interregnums nullify Christ’s promises. 

Every element of what is happening in this, our day, in relation to the Church and the papacy — has all happened before in history. However, in the present crisis all these elements are coming together at once, and in a more exacerbated form.

Satan’s ultimate goal is to cut off the Mass and the sacraments from the faithful, thus stifling the channels of sanctifying grace. Take away the Pope, take away the Mass, and try to destroy the Church. See the article in Section II: “Pope Leo’s Vision, Satan’s 100 Years of Increased Power, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Years ago I got involved in a discussion thread on the internet with many fine people (mostly SSPX followers and other doctrinally traditional-minded Catholics) about the crisis in the Church. I was putting forth the Siri Thesis as embodied in this “introduction” page. Near the end of it, a Society of St. Pius X priest asked all SSPX followers to leave the thread. But before it shut down, one participant said this to the group (paraphrase from memory): “People! This is the hardest position to accept, but, once you understand it, the hardest position to refute.”

As explained below, it is reasonable to believe that the Church Herself, being the Mystical Body of Christ, will undergo the phases of the life of Christ Himself, including the Crucifixion, seeming (in the case of the Church) death, and the Resurrection. After seeing and truly understanding the information and evidence on this page and on this website with regard to why the “Vatican II Popes” must be antipopes, the newly awakened Catholic is left with one defense: “It can’t happen here — not during my lifetime.” But it has happened here. (See the section of “Answers to Some Objections Against the Siri Thesis” at the bottom of this home page.) Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) stated that if the Church had a fifth mark (in addition to “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic”) — it would be persecution.

To quote Mr. Gary Giuffre again on this point, “Why do people find it easier to believe that the Church has failed, rather than that the Church is being persecuted?”

While having no idea how this dire, apocalyptic crisis will be resolved, we can rest assured that it will be, as Christ will fulfill His promise to be with the Church always.

With less than twenty bishops appointed under Pope Pius XII left in the world, and with no more than a few hundred certainly valid bishops — (consecrated in the traditional Catholic rite, as opposed to the clearly invalid 1969 New Rite of consecration of bishops imposed by antipope Paul VI) — still alive, we seem to be catapulting towards the prophecy of St. Nicholas of Fluh (circa 1520), as recorded in the book Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont:

“The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, she will be victoriously exalted in the sight of all doubters.”

But notice that the prophecy says “seem to be extinguished”, but not actually extinguished. We know that the Church will not fail, as Christ promised that He will be with His Church always. And St. Nicholas’s prophecy reflects this reality in the final line.

So, to end this introduction to on the proper, positive note, let us look at a passage written by the late Trappist monk, Fr. Urban Snyder:

“The Church is the Mystical Christ and as such must relive through the ages the mysteries of the Saviour’s life, Good Friday not excepted. Calvary is the essence of the mystery of Redemption . . .

“. . . those writers do a great disservice to souls who assert that this or that thing cannot happen to the Church, or the Papacy, or the majority of the faithful. When Peter spoke like that, the Lord said to him: ‘Get thee behind Me, Satan.’ Mutatis mutandis, anything can happen to the Church, and in fact may be predicted to happen, if it happened in the life of Our Lord. For the Church is His Mystical Body and the disciple is not above the Master . . .

“It follows therefore that the Church can be betrayed and made a prisoner; can be buffeted, spat upon, be made to look a fool; she can be defamed, abandoned, condemned; she can be damaged structurally and disfigured, like the Lord’s physical members were; in a word, she can be crucified and [seemingly] put to death – but not for long!

“From three o’clock on Good Friday until three A.M. on Easter was only thirty-six hours. And as there was a faithful remnant left to Jesus even then, so will it be in the Good Friday of the Church; there will be a faithful few to wait in sorrow for the Church’s Resurrection, which will burst like lightning upon God’s enemies.” (From Kyrie Eleison Newsletter, 19 March 1974, quoted by Hutton Gibson in the first pages of his book published in the late 1970s, “Paul VI: Legacy Catholicism?” – which is where I discovered it.)

And, it was an article published by reporter Hubert Remy of France in 1986 which caused Mr. Gary Giuffre to begin serious work on the Siri Thesis. This article, “The Pope – Could He Be Cardinal Siri?” is found linked in Section II below. We conclude this introduction to our home page with the same lines with which Mr. Remy concluded his 1986 article:

“What now? . . . we leave to the historians and theologians the care to study this question thoroughly and to reply to it. We simply leave this grave witness.” 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While I do not necessarily endorse everything contained in the articles and videos in Section II on the Home Page, I do endorse everything in Mr. Giuffre’s “Five Key Articles” in Section I on the Home Page. I also endorse everything in Section III on the Home Page.

— Jim Condit Jr.

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In Section I on the Home Page, are linked the “Five Key Articles” on the current crisis within the structures of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Section II on the Home Page are other articles, videos, and links of interest on this subject of the Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church since 1958 and the “Siri Thesis,” or Siri Investigation” These articles, videos, and links may indicate other important pieces of the puzzle.

In Section III on the Home Page, are articles which prove that John XXIII (1958-1963) through Francis I (2013-?) cannot be Catholic Popes, and are, in fact, a series of anti-popes who have usurped the Chair of Peter, and who have carried out the diabolical program of Freemasonry. These articles hold even if certain aspects of the investigation known as the “Siri Thesis” are wrong.

At the end of Section III on the Home Page is a linked article: “Answers to Some Objections against the Siri Thesis”.

End of the Introduction

The following articles will soon be moved under the “More” tab;

This booklet linked below explains from Papal and Council documents the two-fold infallible nature of the Church, i.e., 1) The Extraordinary Magisterium (Ex Cathedra pronouncements), and 2) the “ordinary and universal magisterium, both defined at the 1870 Vatican Council I.

Why the Conciliar Church* cannot be the Catholic Church
and Why the “New Mass” cannot be the True Mass . . .
and how the Church may still function even when reduced to a handful and exiled from her visible structures

— * Vatican II Church – (the counterfeit church of darkness occupying the Vatican foreseen by Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerick) circa 1821, when she saw the priest saying Mass facing the people.

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